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Opinion Survey

To be successful in the modern dynamically developing business the companies need to get information about the efficiency of their own management. It is also important to know, if the personnel is ready for changes. The opinion survey is one of the most effective instruments to study a current situation in the company.

The survey gives answers to the questions important for the management of a company. These answers are based on the opinions and estimations of the personnel on different aspects: companys position on the market, the team, communications, qualification, volume of work and its change, satisfaction with the situation in the company, working place and income, opportunity for a career growth etc.

After the survey you can make a decision about the optimization of the organizational structure, personnel development (rotation, training, redistribution of functional responsibilities), creation of an optimal working atmosphere, personnel motivation etc.

Megapolis prepares and carries out the opinion surveys with subsequent presentation of the recommendations on the basis of the results.

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