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Career development

Megapolis offers a wide range of opportunities for professionals in terms of job search, career development, and management skill realization. We help to search and recruit competent specialists and professional top managers to the large Russian companies and worldwide corporations in different regions in Russia and the CIS.

We adhere to the following principles in collaboration with job applicants:

  • fast decisions, clarity of requirements and interaction;
  • respect of the applicants' professional preferences;
  • security of information we receive;
  • providing full information to the applicant about the positions he/she is interested in.

These principles and the 10-year long work in the Russian professional recruiting services market enable us to establish firm and trusty relationships with all our applicants and help to build many successful careers in all the economy sectors.

In case you currently:

  • are looking for an interesting and promising job in a well-established company where you can apply your professional skills;
  • consider yourself a highly qualified professional and want to be well appreciated;
  • are willing to change or widen your specialization, realize your potentials in a new professional field;
  • are occupying a responsible manger position and want to improve your status;
  • possess a 2-year or more experience of work in a large or medium-size Russian or international company;
  • have professional education, and think of a successful career.

If any of these items are true for you, you may see it worthwhile to trust our company to contribute to your professional growth and to present your interests to your potential employer.

So that we could place you into our electronic database and contact you later, we suggest that you:
- send out your resume to us by e-mail.
- or download and fill out the form at our web site and send it to us via our e-mails.

If there is a vacancy that may be of interest to you, our advisor will contact you (do not forget to specify your contact details). Then, you will be invited to the job interview with one of our specialists. At the interview, you will receive detailed information about the vacancy and the company that offers it, and you will be tested how you answer to the employer's expectations.
If you are still interested in the position and meet the requirements, our specialists will help you prepare for the interview with the employer, help to organize the interview and will inform you of the results.
If you do not correspond to the employer's requirements, your resume will remain in our database and we will certainly consider you when other vacancies of interest appear. Your information remains in our database without any time limits.
In case some information in your resume changes (your workplace or position, additional education, new contact details, etc.), please inform us of these changes: send the renewed resume with a subtitle "resume renewed" and indicate the date. Megapolis would like to receive the most unbiased information about you in order to assess effectively you abilities against the potential employer's requirements and make you adequate job offers. Thank you for your trust to our company. Should you have any questions, you may call us to receive detailed information.

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If you have any questions, you may contact us for more information.

Thank you for the trust  to our company!


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