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Staff leasing

Leasing service let’s the client involve the personnel selected in accordance with  all requirements for the work on temporary projects out of the actual staff of the company. 

When you need personnel leasing

  • The company needs additional employees for temporary projects but has no resources for high quality search and evaluation of the specialists
  • Company needs additional  employees because of the season grow  of work volume 
  • For the period of long-term absence of  indispensable  specialists (maternity leaves etc.) 
  • Performing of the new projects not connected with the main profile of the company. 
  • Staff quantity and salary budget limits. 
  • The client wants to transfer obligations and risks concerned with personnel to the qualified provider.

Obligations of Megapolis on the project

  • Search, selection and recruitment of the personnel in accordance with the client’s requirements
  • Registration of legal relations with the employees selected by the client. 
  • Performing  all procedures in the field of personnel in accordance with the RF Labor Code
  • Calculation and providing an employee with a salary, Calculation and transferring taxes and payments stated by the RF Labor Code
  • Resolution of questions and conflicts with the employees. 
  • RF norms and lows observance
  • Staff exchange in case of preliminary valid requirements of the client

Service advantages

  • Saving the time on the search and evaluation of the personnel
  • HR service is released  from the  administrative tasks connected with employees registration
  • Reduction of the personnel paperwork volume.
  • Exclude expenses connected with  calculation of salary
  • Reducing expenses for all kinds of compensation  packages ( they are either not presupposed or are minimal for temporary employees).
  • Reducing of legal risks and obligations out of labor relations with temporary staff
  • Opportunity to exchange the employees in case they do not satisfy the requirements for some reasons.
  • Replacing the employees for the period of illness or vacation.
  • Exclude the costs on personnel recruitment  in case the client wants to transfer the employee he likes to the permanent staff after the year of his work in the company  

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